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This just in from Liz Carr, co-host of the Ouch Podcast: Hey… - United States Disability Community News [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 8th, 2006|10:24 pm]
United States Disability Community News


This just in from Liz Carr, co-host of the Ouch Podcast:

Hey all...

Okay this really is the last annoying mail asking for signatures but please
if you have a moment and you think the bbc should be increasing, not taking
away our broadcasting opportunities then sign this petition:


Yes, the Ouch! podcast, available on the bbc disability website
www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/podcast, is being shelved after only 6 months...  It's an
irreverent chat show with interviews, a quiz 'Vegetable, vegetable or
vegetable' and the kinda discussion us crips normally have behind closed
doors.  I co-present it with Mat Fraser and from the emails of support we've
had, well it's a damn sight better than Beyond Boundaries and I'm with
stupid put together... It's listened to by peeps from all over the world and
it's for everyone, not just a crip thing.

So here's the plan... Tomorrow at a meeting of the Broadcasters and Creative
Industries Disability Network, all the big cheeses of the tv and
broadcasting world will be present to discuss the future of disability in
the media... The petition will be handed into mark thompson,
director-general of the BBC and we'd love 1000 signatures on the petition by

We're almost there... Just need another 50 which is why I'm sending out one
more email...

Go on, do it...  Not only will it shut me up but it will ensure that this
podcast and hopefully many others, made by crips, will continue and

Thank you muchly,

Liz x

Even if you're not into Ouch, please consider supporting it with your electronic signature.